From Jakarta to Bukittinggi

In this post, i will try to use English language. So sorry for the bad English. At least, i want to try. šŸ™‚

Bukittinggi is a beautiful town, actually this town is my hometown. I came to the world in this town, and grew up there until 14 years old. Well, maybe it’s a waste information. Let’s start with technically post.

When you want to go to Bukittinggi from Jakarta, there are two major options, actually three but i never try the latest option anyway. So, i choose not to write about that option here.

First, by land transportation. If you want to enjoy a slow trip with good and great view, you can choose travel with bus. From Jakarta, you can take a bus trip from Kampung Rambutan bus terminal, or Pulo Gadung (which is removed to Pulo Gebang, but i don’t know about current operations).

From terminal, you will enjoy trip from some checkpoints. At the end of Java street, you will get Merak port. From this point, you will move to shipboard and cross Sunda Strait. You will also see the legendary mountain, Anak Krakatau. You will only see the children, not the mother šŸ™‚

After 2-3 hours, you will arrive at Bakauheni port, so you will step Sumatera land. Bakauheni is located in Lampung province, the southest province in Sumatera. After that, you will enjoy a very-very long trip with your body still sit down at the bus seat. Maybe you will sleep-wake up-sleep-wake up dan get the cycle for many times. Hehehe.. Why? Because that land trip need more than a day, or in other term, more than 24 hours. Are you ready for this tiring trip?

When you get Merak at the early morning, you will get Bukittinggi at night, in the next day. I assume no boundaries along the street. But, this is Sumatera street, you don’t know what you will face šŸ™‚

Second, by plane. It’s more easy way to come to Bukittinggi. You just only need to take a ticket from Soekarno-Hatta airport to Minangkabau airport in Padang. The price range so variable. My history is from to 1.500.000 rupiahs for one trip. So broad range for ticket price. You can choose many flight. Top airlines in Indonesia have a trip to Padang, Garuda, Lion, Sriwijaya, and also Citilink. Choose the best price for your wallet.

It only takes 1,5 hours to fly from Jakarta to Padang. You will arrive at Minangkabau International Airport (Bandara Internasional Minangkabau -BIM). Actually this airport located not in Padang (capital city of West Sumatera), but in Pariaman. So, the other name of BIM is Ketaping.

If you a foreign traveler, please use a biro to your trip šŸ™‚ But if you want to go independent, you need to careful when you step out from BIM. Ehm, so many ‘travel agent’ offer you an option to go to Bukittinggi. The normal price is 40.000, but if you don’t understand, they will offer you higher than the normal prices. From BIM, it will takes 1-3 hours with a great view. You will also see Lembah Anai in the trip.

So, enjoy! šŸ˜€

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